Thursday, April 10, 2014


At this very time of our mother earth, life is flying over everyone. People are mesmerized by technologies and have grown anxious over it. It’s hard to articulate the complexity of the machinery. People travel to moon but fail to reach on their neighbors’ door to greet. In fact we need humanity more than machinery and kindness more than cleverness. I am tendentious that people are getting educated with selfishness and without mercy. By the beauty of being human, we are to lend helping hands and to carry the blood of sympathy but that rarely happens. Today we think too much and feel too little. Actually we don’t want to live by the misery of others rather live by the happiness of others. We humans are like that. In states, lawmakers are mentally corrupted and policies are made for their own good. In fact today, the leaders are shameless which causes youths to remain jobless. Children are manner less and our feelings are heartless. Yet when everything is becoming less, our hopes are endless. So let love prevail in the corners of hate and let peace overrule violence. Let everyone keep his words for words are god in man.

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