Wednesday, April 9, 2014

knowing one-self

Today was a beautiful day. I could feel the beauty of spring dashing through my nerves. From the backyards of Wangdue Phodrang, I am kelzang, though more I am referred as ‘ap sha’ for my homeboys kept it as my primary identity.17th march reminded me that life had been so far so good as I have cherished the past 19 years. My family remains my first priority to value. They had been there to share my happiness and had their share of mourning over my disappointments. Friends are a beautiful people. They add charm and pours emotions which helped me grow as a person. Their presence has been profound. Innocent had I been little and naughty I grew by choice. Teachers taught me that failure is never fatal from which I learned that nor success is final. They had been vital through my period of maturation. So far I have rejoiced the beauty of spring though did have struggled through freezing winters. I could feel the presence of some good peoples around yet I too feel the absence of some good fellows. I do have a crush and that’s a mesmerizing thing. Have suffered from insomnia and the rest are to be secret. I am less of perfection and more of problematic; I try to reckon myself as invulnerable Hercules and invincible Achilles. The journey ahead is long yet inevitable. Let the god honor mercy for I HAVE A DREAM.

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