Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In making of History

photo credited to (WWW.fife-infinity .com)

2014 would be remembered in the history of the soccer world. records would be made and broken and players would be looking to be fit for the set piece show in Brazil. the fans would be flying to cheer up their national heroes and emotions would be displayed over the 90 minutes of each game. the host Brazil would kick off the game against Croatia on June 12. by July 13, the two best would be up against each other in Rio for the precious silver ware.off course the managers would be aware of the fact that you need to beat the best to be the best. over the course of the competition, the physical fitness, mental strength and tactics of nations would be tested. the pressures would be on the favorites which constitute the host themselves along with the defending champions Spain and Germany as well. the hot humidity and temperature would test the European as well as the Asian teams but no excuses would be allowed for when in Rome you needs to be like a Roman. The host star man Neymar  would be looking forward to impress along with his fellow club mate Messi as well as Portugal's skipper Ronaldo. the team work and managers tactics would be essential for every team has just one dream. truth would be told and history would be made at city of Rio by July 13. the teams would be trying to catch the morning headlines for all the good reasons. the blunders as well as the stunners would be put in account and only  the best will lift the silver ware to realize their dreams. so, what ever happens every game and move would be cherished by the fans around the world for football is not just a game but it';s also life.

Monday, May 12, 2014

about me

Who am I?
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I am an ordinary boy like any person around me. I have feelings and I do look for more wants than what is needed. I do have a crush and I get insomnia at night. I am a loyal company to my friends and a giant trust of my family. My homeboys can get the best of me and ignore the worst for the sack of both the parties. I get annoyed faster yet I am kind at heart. Sometimes my blood races in my brain too fast that it hurts people who are close to me. Yet deep down I sorely feel sorry for the good companies I have missed so far. I am imperfect but I try to reckon myself as invincible Hercules and invulnerable Achilles.
As I look back I realize life has been so far so good though at some point it could have been better. My love for English has brought me here and I could feel the atmosphere of a college life. It’s on the way of second semester and less I have done get the best of this showpiece of life. Striving for a pass mark and assignments at the last minute are few of them. The bottom line is everyone is here for the sack of degree certificate. I am aware of how far I can still go here. Learning journalism is a worth studying. Beside I want to articulate my time in activities and acquire little knowledge I could. After all something is better than nothing.
I do have a plan amid the future being mystery. Journalism is my top priority. The competition will be stiff but a successful story is worth to have an uprising action. And after all it’s a profession to be content for the services I can provide at the end of the day. And it comes as a failure then tourism is an exception for me. Despite knowing the uncertainty of it I have the passion of socializing with people and traveling. In the times to come, it’s a payback time to my parents with loyalty. Like in every ones case, I owe them beyond doubts. The journey ahead will be hard and long yet with hope nothing is impossible. Life should not be long but a broad one.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


At this very time of our mother earth, life is flying over everyone. People are mesmerized by technologies and have grown anxious over it. It’s hard to articulate the complexity of the machinery. People travel to moon but fail to reach on their neighbors’ door to greet. In fact we need humanity more than machinery and kindness more than cleverness. I am tendentious that people are getting educated with selfishness and without mercy. By the beauty of being human, we are to lend helping hands and to carry the blood of sympathy but that rarely happens. Today we think too much and feel too little. Actually we don’t want to live by the misery of others rather live by the happiness of others. We humans are like that. In states, lawmakers are mentally corrupted and policies are made for their own good. In fact today, the leaders are shameless which causes youths to remain jobless. Children are manner less and our feelings are heartless. Yet when everything is becoming less, our hopes are endless. So let love prevail in the corners of hate and let peace overrule violence. Let everyone keep his words for words are god in man.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

knowing one-self

Today was a beautiful day. I could feel the beauty of spring dashing through my nerves. From the backyards of Wangdue Phodrang, I am kelzang, though more I am referred as ‘ap sha’ for my homeboys kept it as my primary identity.17th march reminded me that life had been so far so good as I have cherished the past 19 years. My family remains my first priority to value. They had been there to share my happiness and had their share of mourning over my disappointments. Friends are a beautiful people. They add charm and pours emotions which helped me grow as a person. Their presence has been profound. Innocent had I been little and naughty I grew by choice. Teachers taught me that failure is never fatal from which I learned that nor success is final. They had been vital through my period of maturation. So far I have rejoiced the beauty of spring though did have struggled through freezing winters. I could feel the presence of some good peoples around yet I too feel the absence of some good fellows. I do have a crush and that’s a mesmerizing thing. Have suffered from insomnia and the rest are to be secret. I am less of perfection and more of problematic; I try to reckon myself as invulnerable Hercules and invincible Achilles. The journey ahead is long yet inevitable. Let the god honor mercy for I HAVE A DREAM.