Monday, May 12, 2014

about me

Who am I?
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I am an ordinary boy like any person around me. I have feelings and I do look for more wants than what is needed. I do have a crush and I get insomnia at night. I am a loyal company to my friends and a giant trust of my family. My homeboys can get the best of me and ignore the worst for the sack of both the parties. I get annoyed faster yet I am kind at heart. Sometimes my blood races in my brain too fast that it hurts people who are close to me. Yet deep down I sorely feel sorry for the good companies I have missed so far. I am imperfect but I try to reckon myself as invincible Hercules and invulnerable Achilles.
As I look back I realize life has been so far so good though at some point it could have been better. My love for English has brought me here and I could feel the atmosphere of a college life. It’s on the way of second semester and less I have done get the best of this showpiece of life. Striving for a pass mark and assignments at the last minute are few of them. The bottom line is everyone is here for the sack of degree certificate. I am aware of how far I can still go here. Learning journalism is a worth studying. Beside I want to articulate my time in activities and acquire little knowledge I could. After all something is better than nothing.
I do have a plan amid the future being mystery. Journalism is my top priority. The competition will be stiff but a successful story is worth to have an uprising action. And after all it’s a profession to be content for the services I can provide at the end of the day. And it comes as a failure then tourism is an exception for me. Despite knowing the uncertainty of it I have the passion of socializing with people and traveling. In the times to come, it’s a payback time to my parents with loyalty. Like in every ones case, I owe them beyond doubts. The journey ahead will be hard and long yet with hope nothing is impossible. Life should not be long but a broad one.